I have thirteen years of experience in the discipline of yoga, specifically the path of Raja yoga under the instruction of the spiritual teacher Lakshahara Acharya. It is important for me to have a solid philosophical base/discipline in which to translate the messages, these two bases are, as I mentioned before, yoga and also the teachings of the teacher Jesus.


Five years practicing my psychic gifts, exploring and developing them with the help of my guides, through the practice of yoga and using tools from different mediums, but mainly from the psychic Gigi Young.


I meditate daily and have dedicated my life to inner work, introspection, and self-awareness. This is a commitment for both me and you, as a good filter can only be achieved through deep healing.


I take psychological therapy, not permanently but when it is necessary, this I think is essential, since my work is not only about translating but also accompanying and if I do not feel well in the psychological aspect, this can drastically influence my work and how I deliver the messages. In addition to the fact that my growth and what I come to learn is always linked and related to the work, I do for you.


I am in a constant process of transformation and therefore I do not adhere to any dogma or dogmatism, this flexibility helps a lot not only to be able to translate the messages of the afterlife but also it gives me the ability to open my heart to yours without prejudice. , you can be who you are, my heart is open to perceiving your knowledge. This also allows me not to predispose my energy to some particular being, but rather  I can perceive many types and with different energies and knowledge.


I educate and prepare myself in the necessary topics and intuitively when my job requires it. I also read three books per month, either for entertainment or for my work.

I have a deep interest in the social and anthropological sciences (I studied Social Anthropology for three years), this gives me a broader and more critical vision of the phenomena that occur in the "new age" and galactic community, outside the merely spiritual circle.


I constantly use critical thinking and reflection, this for me is fundamental and is part of my ethical base as a psychic. This is because beyond intuition one must be able not only to download information but also to recognize it, discern it, tie it and be able to apply it realistically in our social and cultural conditions and for your particular vibration.


One of my priorities is to constantly feed my creativity and my creative aspect, since this I also considered as a form of magic and expansive sharing, it is that part that lets me flow and that makes it possible for you to receive the messages in a way that is more powerful and subconsciously.


Although I am a person who has the gift of empathy (My strongest gift) I am also a person who uses logic in the same way, this quality of my personality (Paradoxical) is of great help in my work as a psychic, since I find a balance where the perception of gray is much broader. Unlike everything, catalog it as black and white. In case you are curious (a) my personality type is INFJ.


The main thing is the exchange of knowledge/energy and that for me it is something bilateral and not unilateral, that is to say, that we both learn and that it is possible to connect and learn through ourselves, teamwork.


I will be very happy to be able to work with you and most importantly that we share love and knowledge.