Lectura Guías Espirituales

 Connect with your multidimensional guides | $810mxn 

In this reading and written channeling, through meditation, my purpose is to connect via your heart, this way I can make contact with any being or guide that wants to manifest (Angels, extraterrestrials, ancestors, elves, fairies, animals, ascended masters, among many others) I can't control the messages nor whom I see or perceive. Their manifestation will depend on whatever you may need in this present moment and the particular way they use to communicate and guide you. It Includes a Word/PDF document of approximately 3-4 pages and a chat of 35 minutes.

Semilla estelar cósmica

 Cosmic and multidimensional connections or Hybrid children  | $810mxn 

The same procedure of meditation and connecting to your heart takes place, the intention in this reading and written channeling is focused in search and find connections that you might have trough the universe, this will be the most relevant ones for this precise moment and for your growth. This can vary depending on each person, they can be stellar, with stars, galactic ones, parallel universes, parallel incarnations here on earth, beyond the solar system, hybrid children and ancestors from other dimensions.

And if you are interested in meeting and connecting with your hybrid children, let me know.


I establish the connection with your higher self and with the help of your spirit guides, therefore I don't control the information that comes through me, this one will depend on what your higher self and spirit guides want you to know or be aware of.

It Includes a Word/PDF document of approximately 3-4 pages and a chat of 35 minutes.

conexiones cosmicas multidimensional

Connect with your Multidimensional guides + cosmic & multidimensional connections  | $1,350mxn 

This package includes the two readings/channelings:

1)Connect with your multidimensional guides

2)Cosmic and multidimensional connections


It includes a Word/PDF document with the two written channelings (6-8 pages) and the Q&A chat takes approximately 50 Minutes.

It's preferable for you to connect 20 minutes before the agreed time, that way you can read the channelings and make the questions you need afterward.

Consejería Espiritual

Counseling and Psychic Consultation | $ 530mxn 

In this service, I will offer you tools for your development and according to what you want to deepen or work on, I will do my best to help you with my psychic abilities. And whether you find yourself at a crossroads in your life, you just have a specific question or you just want to deepen your path, this service is ideal for you.


It consists of a 40-minute call. Ask for the pricing plans.